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FinTech, Blockchain, BigData

Our Team​

We have been working on intellectual services market for more than 19 years and currently we are uniting the most competent development team in the field of Fintech, Blockchain technologies and BigData-analytics. Our specialists took part in the creation of the world’s largest trading systems, information portals, distance learning systems and projects on the .NET platform. For more details, see the “Case”.


We are distinguished by:

1.  High level of competence confirmed by a number of successful projects.

2.  A well-established quality control system that meets the standards of the world’s largest customers.

3.  Experience in working with large corporate projects (different levels of complexity), including research, development, put into production and ongoing project support.

4.  Comprehensive analysis and solution of business problems of the customer, aiming at achieving maximum efficiency and real saving of its resources.

Note: Thanks to our vast experience, we’re able to deliver solutions with a deep understanding of the client's business needs and the challenges that lie ahead of him.

Areas of competence

We have a unique experience in creating HFT systems. We designed, developed and produced U.S. Equity Options trading platform which currently trades around $250 mln daily. See details on the “Case” page.

Tokenization of client’s business.

Preparation for ICO (technical, advisory and legal fields). We directly work with best ICO advisers in the industry.

Crypto wallet management.

Crypto exchange based solutions (for example customers can buy and sell digital currency for a fiat without leaving the bank’s website).

Customers can pay with crypto-currencies or cards attached to crypto accounts.

Acceleration and reduction in the cost of interbank transactions (by 60%) based on crypto technologies.

Ethereum based smart contract solutions.

Solutions to order.

Credit scoring.

Customer inflow and outflow forecasting.

Forecasting of cash reserves by balances on customers’ accounts.

Profiling customers for targeted marketing.

Profiling of risk changes for existing credit customers (having a loan).

Forecasting the load on ATMs.

Analysis of the behavior of the client online and mobile banking.

Development of exchange trading systems.

Development of systems for accounting and control of goods and purchases.

Development of systems for sorting and delivering digital content.

POS terminals.

Software development for interactive equipment.

Big information portals.

Online stores.

Wiki-style crowd-based solutions.

Web forums and custom blogs.

Swift, Kotlin, GO, JS C#.

Some cases

Development of High Frequency trading system for a major Wall Street company.

This system is used to make markets on thousands of underlying instruments and million options with money flow of dollars every day. Signal-to-order latency about 5 microseconds.
Technology involved: C #, C++ 11, Python, Big Data, Tibco rendezvous.

Accounting and control system development for major Russian daily and juice company Wim Bill Dann (warehouse, sales, logistics, invoices, accounting).

With help of our system company acquired almost all dairy plants in Russia, successfully listed on NYSE as “WBD” and have been bought by Pepsi Co for $3.6 billion.
Technology involved: SQL, Oracle, C++, PHP.

Development of software architecture for Digital Syndication & Distribution System for one of the biggest content delivery provider in U.S.

That system is used by major insurance company as well as US Senate and RNC convention.
Technology involved: C ++, C #, .NET, Big Data.

Development of a system of accounting and financial management for one of the branches of Zerich Bank.

Technology involved: PHP, MySQL, Java Script.

Development of technical specifications and the core of the Internet trading platform for ATON.

Technology involved: C ++, C #, .NET, Big Data.

Participation in the development of the Internet trading platform Alfa-Direct (Alfa Bank).

Technology involved: C ++, C #, .NET.

Development of online-service Barclub – CRM-platform for HoReCa.

Technology involved: PHP, MySQL, Java Script.

Development of the portal of the Center for Innovative Development of Moscow (

Technology involved: PHP, MySQL, Java Script.

Woman.Ru – development and promotion one of most successful portals for female auditory in Russia.

1 million daily visitors.
Technology involved: PHP, MySQL, Java Script, AJAX, etc. community wiki portal about civil aircraft SSJ-100.

Technology involved: PHP, MySQL, Java Script, AJAX, etc.

CMS Interactive Web-Portal platform development which overperform most popular CMS in 3-5 times.

Technology involved: C ++, C #, .NET.

Development of a distance learning system for InsideTrack Inc. (

More than 1.5 million students and 1600 training programs.
Technology involved: C ++, C #, .NET.

Software development for terminals within the federal project “Safe School”.

Technology involved: C ++, C #, .NET.

Audit of Internet projects created within Russian state program of supporting non-profit organizations.

Designing, budgeting, recruiting a team, leading development, launching and promoting SFTY.AI, a blockchain analytics service.

Technology involved: Blockchains: bitcoin, ethereum, harmony, klaydn, BSC and others. Solidity, ML algorithms and neural networks.

Designing, leading the development and release of the SafeChats secure messaging and data exchange system.

Technology involved: C++, Python, Swift, Java, PWA, Javascript

Management, marketing and product team management in VSMPO-AVISMA – developing a messenger for internal corporate use.

Technology involved: Python, C++, Swift, Java, PWA

Development of the “Roads of Russia” mobile application.

Technology involved: C++, Java.

Developing a mobile application to assess the status of monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War “Place of Memory”

Technology involved: C++, Java.

Development of the virtual museum “Moscow with care for history” (

Technology involved: Django Framework, Phyton, REST API, Java Script, AJAX.


Operating systems:

Android, iOS, Windows,  Linux.

Programming languages:

C++, C#, JavaScript, Python (Pandas, TensorFlow, SciPy, NumPy, NLTK), Swift, Kotlin, Rust, TypeScript. Swift.


MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra), MariaDB, MongoDB, Firebase.

Development environments:

MS Visual Studio, X-Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, Android Studio.

Development platforms:

.NET, Xamarin, Node.js, Angular, Spring Boot, React, Docker.

Messaging technologies:

Tibco Rendezvous, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT, WebSocket, gRPC.

Development on the .NET platform:

ASP.NET, WPF, WinForms, .NET Core, .NET 5/6, Blazor, Entity Framework Core.

Web technologies:

HTML, CSS, AJAX, REST, JSON, ASP.NET, React.js, Vue.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, WebAssembly.

Cloud solutions:

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud


Vladimir Abaev

General Manager of team.

Digital marketing professional with 19+ years hands-on experience.


Digital marketing.

Strategic project development (inc. the current market trends and effective commercialization of products).

Usability Check and creation of new internet services.

Efficient interaction with developers with high perfomance results under time pressure.